Sacred Heart

Through Orchard Behavioral Health, the outpatient mental health programs at KidsPeace’s Sacred Heart Campus office serve adults as well as children. Over the years of treating children and adolescents, we have learned that parents and other caregivers can often benefit from our services as well to improve the overall functioning of the family. The holistic approach at Orchard Behavioral Health allows us to care for people ages 3 to 65 under one roof.

The clinic is structured as an urgent care walk-in model, which allows us to be responsive to immediate needs of the community. This expedites the process of initiating care, avoids long emergency room waits and allows KidsPeace staff to assess the client, stabilize any crisis and make an appropriate level of care recommendation. In turn, it allows emergency rooms to focus their efforts on treating physical injuries rather than mental health concerns.

Sacred Heart Services:

Psychiatric evaluations

Group therapy

Drugs & Alcohol

Individual & family therapy

Medication monitoring

Walk-in assessments

Parenting support



Addictions Treatment Program

KidsPeace now offers dual-diagnosis addictions and mental health treatment at its Allentown/Sacred Heart Campus. The program is designed to address the specific needs of individuals with both a substance addiction and a mental health disorder – a description that is estimated to apply to nearly half of all adults struggling with addiction.The KidsPeace dual-diagnosis treatment program provides intensive outpatient, individual, family and group therapy under the evidence-based Matrix Model. The Matrix Model is a highly structured, time-limited treatment that includes aspects of multiple therapeutic styles and psychological orientations – including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, behaviorism, family therapy, group therapy and the 12-step approach. This “personalized” approach has been shown to be effective in helping clients overcome the multiple challenges of their dual diagnosis, and use of the Matrix Model is supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)The program will be launched at KidsPeace’s Mt. Pocono location in Monroe County, PA later this year.


1151 Pocono Blvd. Suite #2
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Mental Health: 570-243-8787

Sacred Heart

451 Chew St. Suite 105
Allentown, Pa 18102
Drug & Alcohol: 610.799-7113
Mental Health: 610-799-7100

Green Street

801 E. Green St.
Allentown, Pa 18109