Clinical Staff

Chris Ferry, Executive Director of PA Community Programs has been employed with KidsPeace since 1998, holding numerous positions within the corporation. He received a master’s degree in agency counseling and is a state- and nationally-certified school psychologist. Chris has extensive knowledge working with juvenile delinquents, gangs and testing preschool children for Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has lectured and provided trainings to local colleges, universities, agencies and high schools on varying diagnoses, suicide prevention and developmental delays.

Neville J. Tomlinson is proud to work at KidsPeace as a site supervisor, where the clinical team strives to best serve clients and their families by focusing on transforming lives. Neville, a graduate of Huntington University and Evangelical Theological Seminary, has a certificate in cognitive behavioral therapy from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM). He also co-wrote an article, “Formation of the Therapist through Dialogical Engagement,” which was published in the “Journal of Family Therapy.”

Neville has a particular interest in the topic of “Attachment,” which examines how parent/child relationships affect individual functioning in childhood and adulthood. Addictions, divorce and mental health issues can all result in emotional discord between children and parents that can affect multiple generations if effective intervention and treatment are not provided. 

Neville holds a Master of Divinity, a Master of Arts and a Master of Arts in Marital and Family Therapy. He lives in Allentown, Pa., with his wife and two children. He plays the guitar and particularly enjoys the bass and loves soccer. Outside of patient care, he is passionate about spending time with family and volunteering for TEAMS for Medical Missions.

Program Manager, Prunella Harris finds it gratifying to work with professionals who are compassionate about providing quality mental health care for individuals, families and communities. When people come to KidsPeace and are struggling, she enjoys seeing their progress and restored hope as they begin to feel empowered and are functioning once again as productive members of their community.

Prunella is passionate about providing access to quality mental health care, and is proud to work at KidsPeace, which offers a continuum of care to ensure families are treated with dignity and respect at all levels of treatment. So many families go without treatment because they are unfamiliar with mental health treatment in their areas. KidsPeace Tobyhanna, where Prunella works, attempts to bridge this gap by partnering with various community agencies to educate these providers about services to benefit families and surrounding communities.